Press Release - Elnako in OC Galerii Harfa Prague
Press Release – Elnako in OC Galerii Harfa Prague (CZ)

Amigo Mobility International Inc, founded by Allan R. Thieme in 1968, is now represented in EUROPE by ELNAKO EU a.s.

  • inventing the first power operated vehicle/scooter (POV).
  • Located in Bridgeport, Michigan,
  • products for healthcare, commercial, transportation services and active lifestyle/travel applications worldwide.
  • Amigo introduced the first electric shopping cart made for retail environments in 1970. Since then, electric shopping carts have become a staple in many grocery store chains, government commissaries and big box retailers. Amigo POV/scooters are also available in other public settings. Ex: libraries, airports, hospitals, senior houses, etc.
Amigo ValueShopper - lifestyle
  • ensure comfort buying for people with reduced mobily
  • respect for elders and disabled people
  • The real joy of shopping

Benefits of ELNAKO

  • large shopping basket
  • easy handling
  • Simple operation
  • Reliability and quality
  • comfort, safety
  • full service cart
  • long life
  • in case of failure exchange for a new one in 24-48 hours
  • fast charging

Benefits for the company

  • due to convenience customers can spend more time in the shop, longer time purchasing, higher sales
  • placing advertising on carts
  • the possibility of selling advertising space on Cart
  • fixed price for the service
  • Maintenance and insurance included
  • replacement cart or service in 24-48 hours
  • low operating costs
  • social recognition

Market research

Elnako EU has before starting this project (electric shopping basket) made independent market research.

It took place in the second half of the year 2012 at various locations in the Czech Republic and especially in the sorrundings of large shopping centers. There was addressed approximately three thousand respondents of all target groups. (Physically indisposed, seniors, disabled, pregnant women, other)

Our product/service was introduced to all of them

[wp_charts title=“mypie“ type=“pie“ align=“alignleft“ margin=“20px 50px“ data=“66,19,2″ labels=“66% Definitely yes,19% Do not know,2% clearly NO“ colors=“016633,#797979,#F38630″ width=“300px“]


  • 66% Definitely yes
  • 19% Do not know
  • 2% clearly NO